About the Scikotics

Want to participate?

Scikotics (pronounced sigh-cot-iks) is a FREE nationwide Scion Owners' club. We are brought together by a passion for our cars. This means that we welcome all owners whether they have a fully built, trailer queen, show car, or a stock daily driver. Chapters have meets to simply hang out, chat, eat, and bounce ideas back and forth. We also participate in local, regional, and national car shows when possible. 

​We have simple rules we all follow -

1. Have fun, be sincere and don't make anybody feel unwelcome, all cars in the club are equal, modified or not. Most importantly, while at a show be courteous and kind to those putting the show on and people attending. We want people to join!!

​2. Always respect State Laws. We don't want a bad name for ourselves because a member decided they were above the law.

​3. Always promote our club as something positive to gain new members. Whether its tagging or just chatting with somebody who owns a scion, help get our name out there! We love new members!!

4. If you're in this club, try to participate in meets and get togethers! Were here to have fun, we love to hang out, we all have jobs and lives BUT we should always WANT to hang out! 

5. Make friends with other Scikotics chapters! Were all one club with our own local chapters. We enjoy hearing what other chapters are doing to improve the way they run and what they do!